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Summer acting school - International - Тábor 2017

fotka z LHŠ

What is Summer acting school – International?

Summer acting school - International came into being due to the increased interest of foreign film production. It is designed for talented children and young people from the Czech Republic and all over the world aged 8 to 18 who have a genuine interest to learn and practice various disciplines like theater, film, TV, singing and dance. Participants are taught acting, singing, dancing as well as work with microphone, sound, lights, directing, producing, stage art design, costumes, masks. Children produce their own projects, which can be watched online. fotka z LHŠ

Summer acting school has a tradition dating back 25 years.


  • 30. 7. - 12. 8. 2017


Children are divided into groups. In the morning they have 3 classes, similar to art school classes, according to the schedule. The lessons are led by fotka z LHŠ professional instructors from art colleges. In the afternoon children work on entertainment, theater or musical projects alternately as performers or as members of the production crew. Every evening two of the groups perform in the theater hall. Each group produces 4 performances within the 2 weeks. All of the time children are supervised and cared for by staff who speak several world languages.


Summer Acting School - International takes place fotka z LHŠ in a beautiful location at the edge of the picturesque town Tabor in South Bohemia. Children are accommodated in 3 or 4-bed hotel-type rooms with a private shower and a toilet. All rooms have free WIFI. There's a large theater hall, an outdoor stage, a wardrobe department, a make-up room, a recording studio, areas for rehearsal, a gym, a spacious dining room and an infirmary. There are also 4 playgrounds, a garden, a patio and a pool. A great team of chefs take care of various diet and drinking regime.

fotka z LHŠ fotka z LHŠ

How to enroll?

Children from all over the world enroll via their agents or agencies in their countries of origine. Children from the Czech Republic enroll the same way as they do in LHŠ

fotka z LHŠ fotka z LHŠ